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Full disclosure.

Okay so now I can tell you, we really went to the Le Creuset outlet store to buy a birthday present for our oldest son, who is quite a good cook. I think he’s even better than me! (Both of my boys have a certain confidence that is unmatched. (The older one is a “big” flavor guy while the younger one applies his spices and flavors more gingerly.)

Now I couldn’t tell you this until we gave it to him, because I never know when my kids are reading this blog. So we got him this gorgeous red, oval cast iron skillet. It is big, unusual and heavy. Zach said he would love it because his stovetop in Brooklyn is small. You could roast two whole red snappers in this or even two 3 lb. chickens.

We had his birthday dinner (menu to come) last Sunday and this is what he emailed to me on Tuesday evening. The subject line was “Maiden Voyage.”

Asparagus and red peppers in a skillet.
Look at the beautiful charring!


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