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Thinly sliced

On weekends, with guests over, appetizers are an important aspect of the evening in our house. It’s important to have things out to munch on – so you don’t get too drunk!

But it’s also important to not get filled up before your meal, and I don’t want things that are too fattening either. So, for instance, I almost always put out celery sticks or grapes as part of the offering.

My brother Steve and his wife Trish were over last weekend and they graciously supplied the appetizers. I just supplied the Greek cheese that is a favorite of Trish’s.

Here is board they put together. Notice how thinly Trish sliced the apple (a Honey Crisp of course) and pear. Makes it go a lot farther and is another good trick to get your fill but not eat too much. And it looks beautiful!

Steve did a neat trick with the Chorizo too in the little dish on the left. He sautéed the slices (removes some of the fat) and then deglazed the pan with red wine. Delicious! Hummus is in the middle bowl and low calorie endive spears make another great dipping tool.
Cheese, crackers, and vegetables appetizer on a wooden serving board.
I hope this provides some inspiration for you for your Thanksgiving appetizers. Make it pretty, simple, a bit healthy and delicious!


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