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Speegee spatula in blue with snow peas and tomatoes in a Simon Pearce bowl.

Speegee Spatula

One recent Sunday afternoon, we went to a big wonderful party at my friend Anne's house upstate - a pig roast! It was the most wonderful pulled pork along with dozens of salads and a huge amount … [Read More...]


kale salad with sauteed chicken breast in white wine, shallots and blueberries


‘Tis the season for the dark curly greens. You will see it on many a platter as a garnish. I love kale. My husband hates it. For several weeks now, I have been wanting to recreate this salad … [Read More...]

Cranberry sauce in a white bowl.

The cranberries!

Once again, over the years I have tried many different cranberry sauces and relishes. One year, I even did a Martha Stewart version of putting her cranberry sauce recipe mounded on top of halves of … [Read More...]

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Nachos-Full plate

Super easy nachos

This is so easy, it’s almost stupid. But it’s really, really good!! I have seen the most sophisticated people not want to stop eating these in my home. And they are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday. You … [Read More...]

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