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Putting balsamic vinegar pearls on tomatoes with basil.

Crystal Lake in Barton, Vermont

Our visit to my brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Trish, at their vacation home on Crystal Lake in Barton, Vermont was filled with great food, amazing wine and wonderful times to create lasting memories. We picked up our youngest son, Zach and his girlfriend, Agata, arriving from Germany, at the … [Read More...]

Plain Greek yogurt with coconut cashew bar bits blueberries and honey.

Clean Lean and Sexy

Clean Lean and Sexy – wouldn’t we all like to be that way? Well their coconut cashew bar and whole line of snack items is just that. This is the last item in our MARY’s secret ingredients summer box. … [Read More...]


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Smoled trout on a Breton cracker

So civilized

My husband and I were asked to take in a French graduate student for 4 months to live with us. We take on French interns at the office but this was the first time we were asked and considered doing … [Read More...]

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