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Four bowls of golden gazpacho garnished with diced avocado.

Best Gazpacho Recipe

When I was young, I hated tomatoes. Can you believe it? How could anyone hate tomatoes? I don’t know, I’m guessing it was a whole texture issue. My mother used to grow them and I hated the smell of the plants too. Now, that smell just makes me swoon over the deliciousness that I know is coming from … [Read More...]

Plain Greek yogurt with coconut cashew bar bits blueberries and honey.

Clean Lean and Sexy

Clean Lean and Sexy – wouldn’t we all like to be that way? Well their coconut cashew bar and whole line of snack items is just that. This is the last item in our MARY’s secret ingredients summer box. … [Read More...]


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Bean dip in a MOMA hand bowl

A great bean dip

We all need something to eat during cocktail hour, whether your cocktail is wine or a martini. I don't want it to be fattening or filling, but it needs to be something. I am also a big protein fan. My … [Read More...]

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