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Cookies in a napkin at the foot of the bed.

Food Memories

With the end of summer here, I’d like to share this story with you: Some time ago my brother, Steve and his wife, Trish visited us in the country and at dinner that weekend, Steve told us a story I had never heard before. He talked about wanting to spend time in the summer with our Uncle Tony … [Read More...]

Biscuits baked in a cast iron skillet.

Best Biscuit Recipe

Biscuits. What is more comforting in the morning? So homey. Makes you really feel loved, right? My mother used to tell me this story: When my father was at Officer Training School in Fort Benning, … [Read More...]

Freekeh salad in a red bowl.

Freekeh Salad

Did you know that September is National Whole Grains Month? Me neither. The good people at Freekehlicious asked me to try this young roasted green wheat, so I have been playing with it these past … [Read More...]

Sorrel sauce in a Cuisinart.

Sorrel Sauce

If you would please indulge me in my over-abundance of sorrel, just one more time, I would so appreciate it. Good thing I love it! And from the last post, I was honored to have turned some of you on … [Read More...]

Sorrel pesto on a spoon.

Sorrel Pesto

The crickets are chirping with the sounds of fall and the days are getting shorter. August has been a runaway month for us. Three weekends got away with a wedding in NJ, our week in Vermont … [Read More...]


Potatoes Mary halfway through cooking on a plate.

Potatoes Mary

Since our children are no longer home, and as we have gotten older, I try to prevent the weight gain that happens with the slower metabolism by just not making or serving carbs at dinnertime. I try … [Read More...]

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