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Panera Bread lentil quinoa egg broth bowl.

Broth Bowls at Panera Bread

Right before the holidays, I received an email invitation from a sweet Emma at Panera Bread to a Broth Bowl tasting. Hmm, broth bowls… sounded interesting. And now with this frigid weather we've been having, what could be better?  The formal invitation arrived, positioning the event as "An … [Read More...]


Sumac powder


Sumac is a wonderful spice – not the poisonous kind but lemony and nice! It is used in many Arab, Iranian and Turkish cuisines. I like to use it on roast chicken or roasted vegetables. They say you … [Read More...]

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Thinly sliced

On weekends, with guests over, appetizers are an important aspect of the evening in our house. It’s important to have things out to munch on – so you don’t get too drunk! But it’s also important to … [Read More...]

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