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Dijon porks chops with herbs and grapes on a platter.

Dijon Pork Chops with Herbs and Grapes

"Can you do this again?" That’s what my husband said on finishing this dinner last Sunday night. So I quickly went to work to write all this down so I would remember how to make these Dijon Pork Chops with Herbs and Grapes again! I got this idea from a veal chop recipe I had made years ago. And … [Read More...]

Plain Greek yogurt with coconut cashew bar bits blueberries and honey.

Clean Lean and Sexy

Clean Lean and Sexy – wouldn’t we all like to be that way? Well their coconut cashew bar and whole line of snack items is just that. This is the last item in our MARY’s secret ingredients summer box. … [Read More...]


kale salad with sauteed chicken breast in white wine, shallots and blueberries


‘Tis the season for the dark curly greens. You will see it on many a platter as a garnish. I love kale. My husband hates it. For several weeks now, I have been wanting to recreate this salad … [Read More...]

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Nachos-Full plate

Super easy nachos

This is so easy, it’s almost stupid. But it’s really, really good!! I have seen the most sophisticated people not want to stop eating these in my home. And they are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday. You … [Read More...]

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