The Spring 2017 MARY’s secret ingredients box revealed!

Spring 2017 MARY’s secret ingredients box revealed.Yes! Spring is officially here (even though I was still wearing gloves today) as our Spring 2017 MARY’s secret ingredients box revealed!

As always, we have unique products you’ve probably never heard of, but we think you need to know about as they are all natural, good for you and will make your ordinary dinnertime super extraordinary, easily, with my recipes coming up. And, we have this great theme going on with honey (so good) and sesame (open wide!).

Did you know that honey helps prevent cancer and heart disease, reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders, is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, reduces cough and throat irritation and even though it’s a sweetener, it helps regulate blood sugar?

And sesame seeds are one of the most ancient foods on earth. Full of protein, rich in oils, and high in linoleic and oleic acids. All good! That’s why we created this box for you!!

Here is our terrific fun video made by our super talented team.

Recipes to come using all of these awesome products and remember to always cook with LOVE and I guarantee your food will taste better!


Combine New York honey, whiskey and chocolate and what have you got? THE most delicious chocolate truffle in the whole wide world!

Located in Long Eddy, New York, in a small northwestern corner of the Catskill Mountains, Catskill Provisions specializes in creating all natural food products and craft spirits from resources close at hand, including the finest raw wildflower honey.

Whiskey Honey Truffles — NY State handcrafted bittersweet chocolate truffles infused with our NY Honey Whiskey. Vanilla, salt, local butter and cream (all organic) join in this marriage for a decadent experience.

Get Dressed Sesame Sensation Salad Dressing.

You know how you always wanted to recreate the delicious cold noodle dish from the Chinese restaurant? Well here you go – dress your noodles and lots of other things with this baby and slurp away!

Feel your best with Get Dressed,™ an all natural, vegan, kosher, 
gluten-free and sugar-free line of specialty salad dressings. Gourmet “dresser,” Vanessa Miller designed each delicious dressing to double as a marinade to effortlessly elevate otherwise ordinary dishes. Suggested pairings on every label remove the guesswork and ensure speedy, mouthwatering meals. In addition to delighting tastebuds, each Get Dressed bottle cap contains a secret message, reminding dressers at home to seize the day and dress it your way.

Sesame Sensation is the first spicy tahini dressing on the market. It will elevate your taste buds and instantly make your dish into a gourmet meal!



Joseph Joseph has done it again, melding form and function in the most beautiful way. You’ll LOVE washing your hands again and one wash will remove the disagreeable odors too.

Founded in 2003 by twin brothers Anthony and Richard, Joseph Joseph specialises in creating design-led products for the kitchen and home with a strong emphasis on form, functionality and quality. As one of the fastest growing companies in the worldwide homewares market, the brand has earned global recognition for its multi-award-winning designs.

SmartBar takes hand washing to a whole new level with its multi-layer approach to hygiene. Its sleek stainless-steel case not only looks good but also helps remove odour from fingers and hands by attracting the sulphur molecules deposited by foods such as garlic and onions. Unlike other stainless-steel soap bars though, smart bar can also be filled with liquid hand soap meaning you can have thoroughly clean and fragranced hands in one go. Simply fill the unit with liquid soap and then press the silicone button to dispense a small amount into your hands through the non-drip valve at the back of the product. For mess-free storage, smart bar even comes with its own silicone draining mat. Hand wash only.


This chocolate covered enchanted sesame seed spread will have you spreading it on everything, and then some. Move over Nutella – this is way better for you! This is like a spreadable chocolate covered halva bar!

Sister Entrepreneurs “We are a Philadelphia-based women-owned business of three Soom sisters – Shelby, Jackie and Amy – passionate about showcasing the delicious, nutritious and versatile qualities of tahini. Inspired by the unique flavor of Ethiopian sesame seeds, we are dedicated to popularizing tahini in the American market.”

Chocolate Soom — Why deny your sweet tooth? Peanut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher, no added oils… and only 10 grams of sugar!
 The indulgence of chocolate with the nourishment of sesame.


A little sweet, a little spicy, a lot addictive. We bet you’ll be spreading this mustard on EVERYTHING!!

At Wilder Condiments, we love California. That’s why our mustards are made from here, from ingredients grown here – bringing bright and bold flavor to your favorite eats. We believe in beach cookouts, brown bag lunches, and good food tasting better.

Our mustards were a backyard project, mixed up between BBQ’s and beer brewing sessions by chef and owner, Isabel Freed. Based along the sunny surf swept coastline of Santa Cruz, our hometown inspires us – with good food in good company at the helm of everything we make.

Honey Jalapeño Mustard — The perfect blend of sweetness and spice. Made with sustainably grown California honey and jalapeños. Best enjoyed brushed over grilled chicken, with a crisp sav blanc in a picnic basket.