MSI summer box and foodies


MSI boxes with FedEX man.

Here’s our super happy FedEx man picking up our boxes under Marie’s watchful eye.

Our summer MARY’s secret ingredients (MSI) boxes sold out last week, way before our closing date of yesterday when they all shipped. They are on their way to all of you who ordered. We’re so excited about this box! It’s got great summer treats and I will be posting more wonderful recipes and ideas to use the products, making your BBQ and summer party days ahead a breeze. It turns out that this box is also gluten-free for those of you concerned with this area of your intake, but you would never know it, as everything is so delicious!

I read an editorial by Mark Bittman in the The New York Times yesterday. He was talking about the use of the word “foodies” and how it makes him cringe. How about you? Does it make you cringe too? Are you a “foodie” in search of the next hot restaurant? Or do you like to cook at home to be able to know exactly what you’re putting into your body? Or are you concerned about changing our eating habits or our whole society on the way food is produced, transported and eaten? He brings up some really valid points on all of this.

And then there was this other article I read just last week about how everyone is beating the drum about only eating local, farmer’s market food and really, that’s a very nice idea but you can’t feed a country our size this way. So they were suggesting using a combination of technology (think Wylie Dufresne or new versions of freeze dried) and local, to go way beyond the Alice Waters philosophy.

All are good ideas in my book. Anything that gets us back in the kitchen and makes us fully aware, to want to know what we’re putting into this delicate machine that is our bodies, is a great idea.

MSI open box.Which brings us back to our MSI box. Our whole concept here is to showcase new natural, good-for-you products that will surprise and inspire you and your cooking with fresh ideas to feed your body and keep it healthy. And if you cook with LOVE, you feed your soul too! Happy eating!!!